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The Blu-ray Tabuada Cantada is a fun stuff, different, music, current and teaching. A new concept of education, a new method to learn multiplication tables. The Blu-ray contains an interactive menu, multiplication tables from 1 to 10 in the following sequence: music video, music video and unanswered questions and even a script with all multiplication tables to color. The Blu-ray Tabuada Cantada, brings the same content as the DVD Tabuada Cantada in Full HD and exceptional quality.


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The following are examples of the multiplication table:


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About the authors

Emerson Pereira

The multimedia visual artist is responsible for the creation and development of the visual part of Tabuada Cantada. The characters, animations and visual identity.

To learn more, visit the website: www.eagp.com.br

João Clímaco

João Clímaco is a musician, composer, more than 30 years of which, when developed music for adults and children, this work Tabuada Cantada, the musician tried to give smoothness to sing the numbers showing a new approach for small facing with some difficulty in mathematics, thinking of the popular saying “He who sings scares away his woes”, João Clímaco hopes that this tool can contribute to parents and educators in the intellectual and emotional education of our children.

To contact him , send an email to our contact or to: joao.climaco@globo.com